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In two hours, thirteen minutes and twenty-three seconds Farina sped through the finish line, 120,000 people cheered, Alfa Romeo took over the podium and the Queen was in awe - they all called it “Royal Silverstone”. The year was 1950 and F1 was naturally born. It was just about 71 years later that our senses awoke and hence Nineteen Fifty was created.

A lifestyle brand devoted to the motorsport culture, we honor its history by reviving memorable moments. We hail these bestial machines by dissecting the engineering behind them and we are dedicated to bring forth ingenious designs. Nineteen Fifty celebrates the champions of our era as we desire to live Life as they do.

Cradled out of passion for racing, we seek to empower and bring together a community of individuals driven by that same unexplainable passion.

We commit to sourcing only materials of the highest quality and to designing collections that are as much sustainable as they are durable.
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